AGK for Pascal
TAgkApplication Methods

The methods of the TAgkApplication class are listed here.

Whether the application should keep running (and updating) even when it becomes inactive. Default to True. 
Is called if your app has been passed to the background and has just been reactivated. You should activate a pause screen when this happens. 
Performs application cleanup. This method is called before the window and OpenGL contexts will be destroyed. You can override this method to cleanup your application resources. 
Performs application startup. This method is called after the window and OpenGL contexts have been created. You can override this method to initialize the application and load application resources. 
Is called during each iteration of the main loop to update the game state. The DeltaTimeSec is the number of seconds that has passed since the last call to Update. By default, this method is passed on to the current scene, but you can override this behavior. 
Terminates the application. 
Set the current scene to display. If the previously active scene has AutoFree set to True, then the previous scene will be freed. 
Sets the desired rate that frames will be drawn to the screen, in frames per second (fps). 
The default approach for the coordinate system in AGK is to use a percentage based system where 0,0 represents the top left corner and 100,100 the bottom right. The alternative approach is to treat the platform with a fixed resolution e.g. 320 x 480. Any platforms that don't match this resolution will be scaled to fit as much as possible with black borders where necessary. 
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