AGK for Pascal
TAgkTextInput.Start Method (TAgkTextInputFinishEvent, String)

This method pops up a text entry prompt over your app whilst your app continues in the background. It fires a notification event when the user has finished or cancelled the text input.

class procedure Start(const OnFinish: TAgkTextInputFinishEvent; const Initial: String = ''); overload; static;
const OnFinish: TAgkTextInputFinishEvent 
event that gets called when the user finishes or cancels the text input. 
const Initial: String = '' 
(optional) The initial string to display to the user that they can edit. 

Accepted characters are ASCII values in the range 32 to 126 inclusive. If a virtual keyboard is required for text entry on this device then it will be displayed over your app. You cannot assume that any part of your app will be visible whilst text entry is in progress, although your code will continue running. 

When the user has finished entering text, the OnFinish event will get fired. The Text parameter will contain the entered text, and the Cancelled parameter will be set to True if the user cancelled text input. 

On keyboard based devices cancelling is done with the escape key whilst completing is done with the enter key. 

There is also a version of Start that does not use an event, but requires you to poll for the result instead.

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