AGK for Pascal
TAgkHttpConnection Members

The following tables list the members exposed by TAgkHttpConnection.

This is the overview for the Connect method overload. 
Creates an HTTP connection ready for use later. 
All HTTP connections are automatically destroyed when their owner (such as the application in which it is used) is destroyed. However, if you don't need the connection anymore, you can save resources and close the connection by destroying it earlier. Also, when the connection has no owner, you need to destroy it yourself when you are done with it. 
Closes the connection to the server. 
This is the overview for the GetFileASync method overload. 
Opens the default browser of the current platform and points it to the page given. 
This is the overview for the SendFileASync method overload. 
Send a request to the server connected to using Connect
This is the overview for the SendRequestASync method overload. 
Returns True if the file download previously started with GetFileASync has completed, False otherwise. 
Returns the progress of the file upload or download as a float value from 0 to 100. 
The internal ID of the object. 
The number of objects that this object owns. 
The objects that this object owns. 
The owner of this object. 
Returns the reply from the server from a previous sent SendRequestASync request or SendFileASync upload. 
Returns True if the request previously sent with SendRequestASync or a file previously uploaded with SendFileASync has completed. 
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