AGK for Pascal
Class for AGK exception 
Static class with various utilities. 
Static class for universal, platform independent, accelerometer input. 
An advert for revenue generation 
Main application class. Contains application-wide settings and utilities. 
Static class with benchmarking information. 
A broadcast listener class. 
Represents a (web) camera on a device or connected to a device. 
Static class for working with directories. 
A distance joint which keeps the sprites a certain distance apart whilst being allowed to rotate freely around the anchor points. 
An edit box that can be positioned anywhere on screen. 
Abstract base class for TAgkFileReader and TAgkFileWriter 
A class for reading files. 
A class for writing (and creating) files. 
A force that affects phsyics sprites (see TAgkSprite
A gear joint that allows appearence of two existing joints to be locked together in perfect friction. 
A HTTP connection 
Abstract base class for AGK objects that have an ID 
Maps an AGK ID to an object. 
Represents an AGK image 
Abstract base class for different kinds of joints. 
Static class for universal, platform independent, joystick input. 
Abstract base class for line joints (TAgkLineJoint), revolute joints (TAgkRevoluteJoint) and prismatic joints (TAgkPrismaticJoint
A line joint that allows the sprites to only move along a given axis relative to each other whilst rotating freely at either end. 
A mouse joint that is typically used when dragging a shape with the mouse pointer, and attempts to move the sprite towards the given point using a force up to the maximum given. 
Represents a music stream, commonly used for background music. 
A class for joining or hosting AGK networks. 
A client in a TAgkNetwork
Abstract base class for AGK objects 
A particle emitter. 
Static class for setting global, application-wide physics settings. Also provides ray casting methods and methods for iterating over contacts. Each TAgkSprite has its own physics attributes. Other, non-global physics objects include Forces (TAgkForce) and Joints (TAgkJoint). 
Static class for universal, platform independent, pointer input. 
A prismatic joint that allows the sprites to only move along a given axis relative to each other. 
A pulley joint. 
Static class for platform-specific accelerometer input. 
Static class for platform-specific joystick input. 
Static class for platform-specific keyboard input. 
Static class for platform-specific mouse input. 
Static class for platform-specific multi-touch input. 
A revolute joint that allows the sprites to only rotate around the given point. 
Abstract base class for scenes in your application. Your application should have at least 1 (main) scene that you run using the TAgkApplication.SetScene method. 
Represents a (short) sound, commonly used for sound effects. 
Represents an AGK sprite 
Text objects for displaying text on screen. 
Static class for universal, platform independent, text input. 
Universal on-screen button that can be controlled by a touch screen, mouse, or other pointer device. 
Class for universal, platform independent, on-screen joystick input. 
A weld joint that attempts to limit all relative movement and rotation between the two sprites. 
A ZIP file 
The version of the AGK SDK used for this AGK for Pascal library. 
All device orientations. 
All physics walls 
Converts degrees to radians. 
Converts radians to degrees. 
Type of advert. 
Color channels to use for masking. 
A day in a week. 
Device orientations (see TAgk.DeviceOrientation
Error mode as used by TAgk.SetErrorMode 
Horizontal alignment 
The UV wrap mode of the image when the U or V coordinate goes outside the range 0-1. See TAgkImage.WrapU and TAgkImage.WrapV 
The type of keyboard returned by TAgkRawKeyboard.KeyboardType 
Physics mode that defines the behavior of sprites in the physics world (see TAgkSprite.PhysicsMode
Shapes used for physics (see TAgkSprite.Shape
Physics walls used with TAgkPhysics.Walls 
Text alignment as used by TAgkText.Alignment 
Type of touch event as used by TAgkRawTouch.TouchType 
Transparency mode as used by TAgkSprite.TransparencyMode 
Horizontal alignment 
A message that is received over a TAgkNetwork
A message that can be sent over a TAgkNetwork
A color structure. 
Information about a physics contact as returned by TAgkPhysics.GetFirstContact and TAgkPhysics.GetNextContact
Record for working with dates and time 
Returns information about a physics collision as used by TAgkSprite.PhysicsCollidesWith and TAgkSprite.PhysicsCollision 
A 2D point structure (or vector). 
Internal record for communicating with AGK APIs that requires a uString objects. The layout of this record *MUST* match the uString class in uString.h. 
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