AGK for Pascal
TAgkDirectory.ChooseFile Method

Presents the user with an option to choose a file stored on their current platform (Windows/Mac only), for example a photo or sound file.

class function ChooseFile(const Filter: String = ''): String; static;
const Filter: String = '' 
(optional) filename filter. See Remarks. 

The name of the selected file, or an empty string if the user cancelled the operation.

If the user cancels the operation an empty string will be returned. Otherwise the file will be copied to the apps current directory and the filename returned so that it can be used by your app. You may specify an optional extension filter to limit the types of files the user will see when browsing. For example using an extension filter of "*.wav" would limit the user to choosing .wav files. For multiple extensions separate them with a semicolon like so "*.wav;*.mp3;*.png". 


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