AGK for Pascal
TAgkHttpConnection.SendFileASync Method (String, String, String)

Send a file asynchronously to the server connected to using Connect.

procedure SendFileASync(const ServerFile: String; const LocalFile: String; const PostData: String = ''); overload;
const ServerFile: String 
The file to request from the server, include everything after the domain part of the URL. 
const LocalFile: String 
The filename of the file you want to send to the server. 
const PostData: String = '' 
(optional) The raw post data to send to the server. Note that & and = are special characters that separate variables. 

For example if requesting, ServerFile should be 'index.php. Also allows you to send POST data to the server which can include variables or file data, e.g. 'myvar=5&var2=test'. This method returns immediately and waits for the server to reply in the background. 

You can check the status of the reply with ResponseReady and when it is ready retrieve the response with Response

You can also check the upload progress using FileProgress

There is also a version of SendFileASync that fires an event instead when the response is available.

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