AGK for Pascal
TAgkMusic.PlayList Method (Integer, Integer)

Plays a list of music files, starting with this file.

procedure PlayList(const StartID: Integer; const EndID: Integer); overload;
const StartID: Integer 
the ID to return to when looping form the end to the beginning of the file list. 
const EndID: Integer 
the ID after which it should loop back to the beginning. 

It will continue looking for music files up to the ID specified in EndID. At this point if, it will continue looking for music files to play from StartID and continue looping from StartID to EndID forever. The ID of this music file may be outside the range StartID to EndID. 

You should use this method with music files for which you have manually set the ID in the Create constructor. 

Only one music file may be playing at any one time.

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