AGK for Pascal
TAgkParticleEmitter.Create Constructor (TAgkObject, TAgkPoint)

Creates a particle emitter at the given location in world coordinates.

constructor Create(const Owner: TAgkObject; const P: TAgkPoint); overload;
const Owner: TAgkObject 
the owner of the new particle emitter (eg. a TAgkScene object). 
const P: TAgkPoint 
The position of the emitter. 

Particle emitters create a flow of small sprites that last for a fixed amount of time before disappearing. The particles can be influenced by forces during their life using AddForce. They can also change color over time using AddColorKeyFrame

Particles cannot be modified individually and behave as a group using the same texture and depth. This allows the AGK to draw them more efficiently than a similar number of normal sprites.

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