AGK for Pascal
TAgkParticleEmitter.SetStartZone Method (TAgkPoint, TAgkPoint)

Sets the area around the emitter where new particles may appear.

procedure SetStartZone(const TopLeft: TAgkPoint; const BottomRight: TAgkPoint); overload;
const TopLeft: TAgkPoint 
The top left corner of the start zone. 
const BottomRight: TAgkPoint 
The bottom right corner of the start zone. 

The values are relative to the emitter position. For example a zone of 0,0,0,0 would mean that all particles start on the emitter position point. A zone of -10 in X and +10 X, with Y being 0 (-10,0,10,0) would create a line centered on the emitter position that particles would randomly appear along. A box zone where both X and Y are non-zero sizes would mean that particles could start at any point inside the box.

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