AGK for Pascal
TAgkPhysics.Scale Property

Sets the scale used by the physics system compared with world coordinates.

class property Scale: Single;

By design the physics system is set to use 1 unit as equalling 1 meter, which in the case of default world coordinates (100,100) would mean that the screen is 100 meters by 100 meters in the physics simulation. However by design the physics system is designed to work best with dynamic objects ranging from 0.1 meters to 10 meters in size, and with static objects up to 50 meters, so the screen is scaled down when sent to the physics system, by default the scale is 0.2, so in the physics world the screen is 20 meters by 20 meters. This is purely to allow the physics system to work at its designed scale whilst allowing world coordinates to be used as parameters with the AGK doing all the necessary scaling behind the scenes. This property allows you to change the scale factor if your virtual resolution is going to be different from 100,100. 

This property must be set before any other physics functions, and must not be changed once the physics system is running.

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