AGK for Pascal
TAgkSprite.Play Method

Begins the animation of a sprite based on the given values.

procedure Play(const FrameRate: Single = 10; const Loop: Boolean = True; const FromFrame: Integer = 1; const ToFrame: Integer = -1);
const FrameRate: Single = 10 
(optional) The number of frames the sprite should attempt to cycle through every second (default 10). 
const Loop: Boolean = True 
(optional) True (default) if the animation should loop forever. 
const FromFrame: Integer = 1 
(optional) The frame to begin at, starting at 1 (default 1). 
const ToFrame: Integer = -1 
(optional) The frame to end at. Frames end at FrameCount. Defaults to -1 to end at the last frame. 

Animation speed is based on animation frames per second and is not affected by the drawing frame rate.

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