AGK for Pascal
TAgkSprite.PointFromPixel Method (TAgkPoint)

Converts a pixel point on the sprite's image to the point on the sprite's surface that represents where that pixel is. For example if a 200x100 pixel image was assigned to a sprite of size 10x10, then calling this method with a pixel value of 100,50 (center of the image) would return 5,5 (center of the sprite).

function PointFromPixel(const P: TAgkPoint): TAgkPoint; overload;
const P: TAgkPoint 
the pixel point. 

The pixel point converted to the surface point.

The sprite must have an image assigned for this to work or it will always return 0,0. The method is not limited by the size of the image or sprite, so in the above example a pixel value of 300,50 or 100,-10 would both be valid.

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