AGK for Pascal
TAgkSprite.SetUV Method

This command overrides the normal UV calculations of the sprites and allows you to set them directly for each vertex.

procedure SetUV(const U1: Single; const V1: Single; const U2: Single; const V2: Single; const U3: Single; const V3: Single; const U4: Single; const V4: Single);
const U1: Single 
First U coordinate. 
const V1: Single 
First V coordinate. 
const U2: Single 
Second U coordinate. 
const V2: Single 
Second V coordinate. 
const U3: Single 
Third U coordinate. 
const V3: Single 
Third V coordinate. 
const U4: Single 
Fourth U coordinate. 
const V4: Single 
Fourth V coordinate. 

Note that animation using sprite sheets or atlas textures will not function when using this command, and the UV offset and zoom functions will have no effect. You have complete control over the UV coordinates. To undo this use ResetUV to return to calculated UV coordinates.

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