AGK for Pascal
TAgkText.SetCharColor Method (Integer, Byte, Byte, Byte, Byte)

Sets the color of the specified character.

procedure SetCharColor(const CharIndex: Integer; const Red: Byte; const Green: Byte; const Blue: Byte; const Alpha: Byte = $FF); overload;
const CharIndex: Integer 
The index of the character to modify. Indexes start at 0. If the index is out of range it will be ignored. 
const Red: Byte 
the red component of the color. 
const Green: Byte 
the green component of the color. 
const Blue: Byte 
the blue component of the color. 
const Alpha: Byte = $FF 
(optional) the alpha component of the color, where 0 is fully transparent and 255 (default) is fully opaque. 

Using the SetColor method will override this.

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