AGK for Pascal
TAgkText.SetCharPos Method (Integer, TAgkPoint)

Set the position of an individual character relative to the text position set earlier.

procedure SetCharPos(const CharIndex: Integer; const P: TAgkPoint); overload;
const CharIndex: Integer 
The index of the character to modify. Indexes start at 0. If the index is out of range it will be ignored. 
const P: TAgkPoint 
The new position of the character, relative to the current text position. 

The character will be positioned using its top left corner. If any of the following methods/properties are used, then the position of all characters will be reset to a straight line: SetPosition, X, Y, Size, Spacing, Alignment. Positioning characters within a text object is more efficient than positioning lots of small text objects each containing a character as all the characters can be drawn in a single draw call.

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