AIC - Results

The following pages contain some compression results for various images, using the JPEG, JPEG-2000 and Advanced Image Coding codecs. Every page will have the following layout:

Image info

Some information about the image, such as dimensions and image type as well as a thumbnail of the entire image.

Image Lena.bmp
Width 512
Height 512
Type Color photo

The view the original uncompressed image, click the file name hyperlink. To download the original image, right click the hyperlink and choose "Save Target As...". The original images are provided in BMP format, which is a lossless format that doesn't use compression. As a result, these images can be quite big and take a while to download. After download, you can open the image in the AIC software and try some compression algorithms yourself.


Whole or part of the image, compressed using different algorithms:

Original image, 24 bpp JPEG: 0.50 bpp
PSNR: 30.91db
JPEG-2000: 0.48 bpp
PSNR: 32.10 db
AIC: 0.50 bpp
PSNR: 31.79 db

Although only a part of the image is shown, the compression results apply to the entire image. For every image, the compressed size is shown, in bits per pixel, and the objective image quality expressed as the Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR). This objective quality measure is a measure for how much the individual image pixels differ from the original image. The higher the peak signal to noise ratio, the higher the objective quality and the more the image resembles the original. This does not necessarily mean that the subjective image quality is also higher. For example, you may find that the JPEG-2000 image above has the best quality because it pleases the eye the most. Others may find that this image shows too much smoothing and blurring, as a result of which some details get lost. Those people will usually find the AIC image more appealing.

Due to limitations of web browsers, all images are recompressed with JPEG at the highest quality for display in the browser. However, since the highest quality level is used, this has very little effect on the perceived quality of the images, so the visual comparison remains valid.

Quality vs Compression chart

This chart shows the objective image quality against the compression ratio and is helpful for comparing image codecs. It shows how the various codecs perform at different bit rates:

The compression ratio is plotted at the bottom and the quality at the left. The AIC codec is shown in green, the JPEG codec in red and the JPEG-2000 codec in blue.
This chart shows that AIC performs close to JPEG-2000 at bit rates below 4 bits per pixel, and outperforms JPEG-2000 at bit rates between 4 and 9 bits per pixel. At higher bit rates, JPEG-2000 obviously takes the lead.

Compression results

The following pages show results for some tested images:

And some pages to test different image sizes: